EAST Lothian Council has backed a school’s celebration of creative expression and the arts after it became the target of anti-LGBT campaigners.

HappyFest, which celebrates LGBT arts with drag, theatre, poetry, dance and music, will take place at Dunbar Grammar School on Wednesday evening.

However, the school came under pressure from the Scottish Family Party, which questioned the suitability of the showings.

Richard Lucas, leader of the right-wing political party – which has controversial views on LGBT rights, abortion and feminism – wrote to the school raising concern about two drag queens performing at the event.

The letter stated: “At the Scottish Family Party, we are of the view that such acts promote a philosophy of gender fluidity that is confusing and dangerous to young people.

“We are also very aware that the drag scene is often associated with less than positive values.”

HappyFest is part of a series of student-led events organised as part of LGBT+ History month.

Following the complaint, the school has agreed to cancel the performance of one drag queen after deciding a video online was not suitable for the teenage target audience.

Mr Lucas had written: “We are sure that there is much that is positive about Dunbar Grammar School, but we wish to ensure that all schools reflect carefully before taking actions that could harm young people.

“We hope that drawing attention to this event will give other schools pause for thought before making similar mistakes.”

However, East Lothian has vowed that the event will go ahead.

An East Lothian Council spokeswoman said: “We strongly refute any suggestion that we ‘promote a philosophy’ that is ‘confusing and dangerous to young people’.

“HappyFest is organised to raise awareness and challenge prejudice.

“It’s a community event that celebrates creative expression and the arts.

“Our staff have been working with the acts to ensure that the content is suitable for the audience – as we would do with any performers – which has led to a minor change in the programme.

“This is the third year of HappyFest and previous events have been well received by young people, their families and the wider community.

“We’re proud of the work that our students and staff do to ensure that we are an inclusive community that promotes open debate and reflects our responsibilities from the Scottish Government and UNCRC.

“HappyFest is part of this work.”

The Scottish Family Party came in for heavy criticism online from Dunbar residents for its views on HappyFest.