ONE storm might be over but another is on its way and has led to the issue of several flood and yellow 'be aware' weather warnings by the Met Office for the county over the weekend.

Called Storm Dennis, it is said to not be as severe but disruption is still likely.

On Friday, a yellow warning for rain covers the south of the county and is in effect from 9am-5pm.

About 20 millimetres of rain is predicted over high ground which, combined with melting snow, may lead to some local flooding.

This means travel disruption with delays and cancellations to train and bus services are possible.

Spray and flooding may mean difficult driving conditions and some road closures.

Rain does not let up on Saturday with a yellow warning for rain and wind covering the whole county.

Winds are predicted to reach 50-60 miles per hour in exposed routes and high ground with as much as 40 millimetres of rain, which when combined with melting snow could also cause some local flooding.

In effect 9am-6pm, the warning says bus and train services could experience delays and longer journey times, delays are also likely to affect air and ferry services.

Spray and flooding on the roads could also make journey times longer.

High sided vehicles travelling on exposed routes and bridges are likely to experience some delays.

The warning adds that coastal routes sea fronts and communities could be affected by spray and large waves.

A final ‘be aware’ warning for wind is in effect from noon on Sunday until noon on Monday with speeds predicted to reach as much as 70 miles per hour.

It covers the whole of Scotland and Northern Ireland and may affect the Monday morning rush hour.

The Met Office say that delays to public transport are possible and there is a chance roads and bridges will close.

Spray and large waves will continue to affect coastal areas.

Damage to buildings and power cuts are also predicted.