A DRUG user was caught growing his own supply of cannabis after the fire service attended at his property to deal with a small blaze.

Alan Bissett was growing a cultivation of the Class B drug at his home at Walden Place in Gifford when the fire crew arrived at the property.

Fire officers entered the property to extinguish the small fire but, after inspecting the home, they discovered plants growing in the attic space.

Fire control was alerted to the find and the police were subsequently called.

Police officers arrived at the home later that evening at about 7.40pm and were allowed entry by Bissett.

Among the items found in the loft cultivation were 11 plants worth an estimated £2,420 and an array of equipment including lighting.

Solicitor Mary Moultrie said that Bissett had “co-operated fully” with police and the plants were not fully grown.

Ms Moultrie added that Bissett worked as a steel fabricator with a Macmerry company and had given up using cannabis since the firm recently introduced drug testing.

Sheriff Adrian Cottam sentenced Bissett to pay a £300 fine.

Bissett admitted producing cannabis at Walden Place, Gifford, on January 24.