The Disney's Lion King opened in Edinburgh for a record-breaking 16 week run in December and the global sensation has been the most hotly anticipated show in town this year.

The loveable and heartwarming story of Simba's rollercoaster journey to become King of the Pride Lands is a firm family cartoon favourite but can it really be transformed into a theatrical extravaganza?

It certainly can!

From the moment the lights dimmed in the Edinburgh Playhouse you are transported into a magical kingdom immersed with the most amazing colour and sounds as the anthemic 'Circle of Life ' song filled the room.

Other stand out songs included the fun, lighthearted, 'I Just Can't Wait to be King' performed by young Simba and Nala and the poignant, 'He lives in You', thanks to the genius of Elton John and Tim Rice.

Each character was performed like a masterpiece by an impressive and diverse cast but special mention has to go to Thandazile Soni whose portrayal of Rafiki had the audience spellbound with her humour, top vocals and creative take on the famous mandrill.

Richard Hurst as Scar brought the classic baddie to life and Jean-Luc Guizonne was majestic in his rendition of Mufasa.

While it was a laugh a minute from the brilliant Matthew Forbes as Zazu who couldn't help but make a gag about the rivalry between the Capital and Glasgow.

From the infectious laughs of the dimwitted hyenas to the heartwarming friendship of duo Timon and Pumbaa, you connected with every character - a credit to the charm of the story.

The attention to detail was phenomenal from the unique movement of characters shadowing animals to a tee to the human props that brought the set to life.

The scenery, costumes, puppetry in their entirety were breathtaking, taking you into African savannah paradise.

The Lion King is full of good fun, show stomping tunes and a treat for your eyes and ears which showcases the best of the West End right on our doorstep in Edinburgh.

With 22 years competing as one of the all-time most successful productions, you'll be left wondering why you didn't go and see this sooner.

This show is the 'King' of the stage.

  • The Lion King can be seen at Edinburgh Playhouse until April 18. Get tickets here.