A NEW planning application has been lodged for the revamp of the Ship Inn.

At the end of last year, owner Caledonian Heritable Ltd got the go-ahead from East Lothian Council to carry out alterations and extensions to the North High Street building.

The company was also granted permission to turn the car park into an alfresco dining area, part of which would be covered – a proposal previously given permission by the council’s planning committee, with consent remaining in place until the end of this month.

Also approved at the end of last year were alterations to the pub, a single-storey extension to the rear of the building, the infilling of the vehicular access in the wall of the car park with a new wall, and erection of a new wall with pedestrian access to enclose part of the boundary of the seating area.

Another planning application for the renovation project, with certain changes, has now been submitted to the planning department.

The company is seeking consent for a change of use of the car park area to an alfresco dining area with external seating huts, a single-storey extension ancillary to the pub, new roof over the existing single-storey part of the building with extended eves, various alterations to the pub and relocation of the ‘flat’ entrance.

A council spokesperson said: “The new application, which does include elements previously approved, will now be considered on its own merits.

“Previous approval does not necessarily mean that the new changes will be accepted.”

The changes were detailed by the council as: three new window openings at first-floor level on the southern elevation; two new window openings at first-floor level on the northern elevation; the addition of a first-floor, flat roof extension onto the existing flat roof part to the rear of the building which would contain five ‘dummy windows’ at the first-floor level and four ‘dummy windows’ on the ground-floor level on the northern elevation; a hedge to extend around the perimeter of the proposed flat roof extension; and an additional alfresco seating area to the rear of the site.