ENTREPRENEURIAL students at Knox Academy have won a prestigious prize thanks to their impressive business.

Pupils from schools throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians attended the Young Enterprise Christmas Market at the capital’s Eric Liddell Centre.

And it was the Oceanic team, made up of nine S6 Knox students, who were celebrating success.

The group created eco packs made up of items including bamboo toothbrushes and metal straws.

Pupil Clara Wilberforce, managing director of the business, said: “It was amazing, so good.

“I felt such a sense of achievement – we all did – and we were not expecting it at all.

“We thought everything else would be better than us but it turns out we were the best.

“I was so proud of all of us.”

Young enterprise is a charitable programme which promotes entrepreneurship in young adults in their senior school phase.

The competition involves setting up a business with products that students go and sell to the public.

Clara said: “The teams competing were from private and public schools in the Lothian area.

“Our sales pitch, which was awarded second place, comprised of us explaining our product, our aims, how we have achieved this in our product and what makes our product special.

“We won second best product, second best sales pitch and best overall company within all the Lothian Young Enterprise teams.

“We all really enjoyed the day and had great pride in presenting and selling our product to the public.

“We made sales of over £200 at the market.”

Clara added: “We owe a huge thank you to Caroline Kirk, who owns ‘Embrace and Evolve’ and is our business advisor, for her constant support and expert advice.

“She has been fantastic with us and our business and has played a big part in our success to date.

“I am very proud of my team that consists of Amanda Martin, Orla Walker, Gregor Naysmith, Matthew Nelson, Dillon Ball, Ben Ritchie, Charlotte Gray and Alexander Doctor. They all performed amazingly and I could not be happier with the team I have!

“We were so happy with the results on the day and look forward to continuing to sell our products to the local community; if you wish to buy any of our products, email ka.oceanic@gmail.com”