A REVIEW of the future sale of fireworks in East Lothian is to be held amid claims the public mood has changed.

East Lothian councillors have unanimously backed a call by Councillor Jane Henderson, opposition leader at the council, for a public consultation on current sales to be carried out.

The Conservative councillor also called for more work to be done to advertise public displays and promote public awareness of the impact fireworks could have on animal welfare and vulnerable people.

Her motion, which asks the council’s chief executive to write to the Scottish Government with the results of the public consultation, received cross-party support at a meeting of the council.

She told fellow councillors: “It is something I feel very strongly about. For everyone who enjoys and gets excited about fireworks, there are many who live in fear and dread. They can be distressing and destructive.”

Fellow councillor Lachlan Bruce, who seconded the motion, said that many of the issues came from sporadic release of fireworks at anti-social hours rather than from organised events.

He pointed out they had damaging effects not just on animals but often on “people with autism and veterans with PTSD”.

East Lothian Provost John McMillan welcomed the call for a consultation, telling colleagues: “This is not a killjoy motion”.

And fellow Labour councillor Jim Goodfellow said: “This is a very modern motion. Forty years ago this would not have come before council but the public mood has changed.”

Councillor Stuart Currie, leader of the council’s SNP Group, pledged his party’s support to the motion.

He said: “It is important we hear from as many people as possible and I welcome the public consultation.

“People who adhere to the rules and are responsible are not the issue – it is the people who are buying them as soon as they go on sale and setting them off.”

Councillor Craig Hoy said he had volunteered as a steward at the 2019 Haddington public fireworks display and had been surprised by the number of people who brought their dogs to the event.

He said: “One woman told me her dog enjoyed the fireworks but I have no idea how she ascertained that.”

Councillors voted unanimously to back the motion, approving a public consultation and more action to promote fireworks awareness.