AT THIS election, Scotland and the UK are at a constitutional crossroads.

East Lothian voted decisively to remain part of the UK in 2014 and also remain a member of the EU in 2016. I am the only candidate with a chance of winning this election who will stand up for our precious Union and stand against a damaging Tory Brexit.

We live in a world where nationalism is regrettably at the forefront of our politics. Whether it is a Tory nationalist dragging us out of Europe at any cost or a Scottish nationalist threatening to break up our union of nations, we are ignoring some of the real issues affecting people across the UK.

After a decade of austerity, I’m standing on a manifesto that will transform Britain. If the Tories get back in, the NHS will remain up for grabs, the most vulnerable will remain subject to Universal Credit, women born in the 1950s will remain uncompensated for their lost pensions and our key public services will remain under-invested.

People across East Lothian are worried about the future of our precious Union. I can offer a cast-iron assurance that, if re-elected, I will do everything in my power to block a second independence referendum. Nothing has changed in East Lothian to suggest people want Scotland to be independent and another referendum will only fuel division and economic stagnation.

If re-elected, I will also continue to be a hard-working, accessible and independently-minded local MP. I am incredibly proud of standing up for the thousands of constituents who have reached out to me over the course of the last Parliament.

I first stood for Parliament in 2017 because I was incredibly proud of the place I call home and because I wanted to be a strong local voice for everyone else who lives in East Lothian.

I want to finish a number of important campaigns I worked on over the past two years. I want to promote new inclusive disability signage, improve broadband speeds across the county, fight against further local bank closures, ensure pensioners keep their free TV licences, improve rail links across the constituency and work on many other issues that matter to people across East Lothian.

A vote for me on December 12 is a vote for a strong local voice for East Lothian – a voice that will always speak up for East Lothian, our Union and against a damaging Tory Brexit.