THIS election, rightly seen as the most important in generations, raises many issues.

Perhaps most important of all is global warming. It threatens our planet and our children’s and grandchildren’s future. Arguments over Brexit and the constitution will be irrelevant to them if life on earth is unsustainable.

I’m asking for your vote so that I can prioritise the climate emergency, working with partners around the world to save our shared home. It won’t be easy, but it must be done for all our sakes.

At the heart of the political debate is Scotland’s right to choose a different future, not the one currently imposed by a Tory government we didn’t elect. There’s a better way to run our country and we can choose to have a fairer and more compassionate society – one that provides opportunities for all and supports the disadvantaged, not the one we have which sees a few get rich but many more left behind.

Brexit was overwhelmingly rejected in East Lothian. Yet it threatens our economy, is reducing our standards of living and creating fear and uncertainty amongst those who have chosen to come here and make this their home. I’ll argue for Scotland to remain in the EU and seek to mitigate hardship being caused by it.

Austerity was the choice of a Tory government soundly rejected by the people of Scotland. Yet it has caused hardship and misery not just for those out of work but for many in employment and struggling to make ends meet. I’ll fight for a fair deal for all, not just the enrichment of a few and the impoverishment of far too many.

Our fast-growing communities put pressure on public services and infrastructure. Transport links; schools, education and training; health and social care facilities are all fundamental for modern and sustainable local services. As your MP, I’ll ensure that facilities and services are both adequate and appropriate for all ages as our society changes.

Fundamental to all of that is Scotland’s right to choose. Tory governments have been rejected for generations and yet they’ve decided our fate and our future. Now is the time to decide on our own direction and create that better and fairer country we know Scotland can and should be.

I seek your vote to let Scotland choose its own future and make this the land we want it to be.