POP superstar Harry Styles' new music video was filmed in Cockenzie and Port Seton, it has been revealed.

A trailer for his new single ‘Adore You’ was released yesterday (Monday), which features shots of Port Seton Harbour, Cockenzie High Street and some action inside the Thorntree Inn.

The video can be viewed here.

The video is set on the mythical island of ‘Eroda’, which has a Twitter account and a website that lists pubs and hiking trails as some of the fishing island’s attractions.

The website for Eroda states: “Eroda is known for its quaint villages, lively pubs and bustling fish markets.

"The Isle has four villages: Garona being the largest and primary port as well as the island’s capital. Marmoton, Martin’s Heaven and Yuna are the other major population centres.”

The music video also shows Mr Styles at St Abbs - he does not himself appear in Cockenzie and Port Seton during the trailer.

Security staff for the production were tight-lipped about who the music star was throughout their time filming at the Thorntree Inn.

Staff were suspicious that it was the former One Direction singer but didn’t know for sure until the trailer for his single was released online on Monday.

The music video will be released in full on Friday.

A staff member at the pub said: “We have no idea why out of everywhere they ended up coming here but at least it's putting Cockenzie and Port Seton on the map.

 “The security on the day was very tight. I had to give my car registration number to someone to get into the street and then I had a security sticker put over my phone so that my camera couldn’t be used.

 “Until the video comes out on Friday we don’t know if there are any more shots in Cockenzie and Port Seton so we’ll just have to wait and see.”

The Courier reported in August that filming was taking place in the village - at the time, LS Productions said that the filming was for a short film called 'Fishing'.