Preston Lodge High School celebrated the 50th anniversary of its Park View building last Thursday.

The building was opened on November 14, 1969, by John P Mackintosh MP after the old one burned down in 1967.

Former and present staff, pupils and friends came together to celebrate the anniversary of the building with a coffee morning and a chance to tour the school.

Headteacher Gavin Clark said: “Our 50th anniversary celebration was a great opportunity for past and present pupils, staff and friends of Preston Lodge to come together and reflect on our school’s place in the community. We were delighted to be joined by so many people who have contributed to our school over the years, and the whole event had a really positive and celebratory feel to it. Here’s to the next 50 years!”

The original school building was built in 1929 and burned down after a series of small explosions in the early hours of January 30, 1967.

The building was still being hosed down by firefighters when pupils arrived for school and were sent home.

Work had started on building the new Park View school building just a week earlier and it opened two years later.