HOUSING giants Taylor Wimpey will meet with community representatives to discuss plans for potentially 250 new homes in Dunbar.

Two public exhibitions have been held this year where members of the public were given the chance to see early plans for ‘Hallhill North’.

The site, which is bordered by the East Coast Mainline to the north and fits around the Lochend Campus of Dunbar Primary School and neighbouring Lochend Woods, is expected to be one of the final housing sites at Hallhill.

Pippa Swan, chairwoman of the town’s community council, was looking forward to welcoming the developer.

She acknowledged the site had been identified for housing through the Local Development Plan (LDP) but felt there was still work to be done to ensure the most appropriate design for the site was found.

She said: “It is not a secret that the community council is very supportive of what we perceive to be a wider held view that we should be making the very best use of our land.

“We should not be frittering it away and we would welcome and hope the developer would be obliged to look at really well insulated homes with renewable energy associated with them.”

In addition, Mrs Swan was keen to see more consideration given to bungalows, both for people looking to downsize but remain in their community and also for people looking to get their foot on the property ladder.

A public exhibition was held at the beginning of the year, with proposals showing that the housing would be focused on the western side of the site, away from the nearby woodland.

A second public exhibition was then held in September, with revised proposals.

At that time, the drawings again showed the housing would be concentrated on the west of the site but also the creation of a village green and an acoustic soil bund and barrier between the housing and the busy railway line.

A formal planning application is expected to be submitted within a matter of weeks, with the developer meeting with the town’s community council on Monday.

Following the first exhibition, Mrs Swan raised concerns about the access to the site.

Drawings showed that vehicles would have to make their way from the east, along Brodie Road, with no plans for access from Hospital Road.

She said: “It seems to us access off Hospital Road would have been desirable to alleviate some of the pressure on the Brodie Road homes.”

The meeting, which is open to the public, takes place in Dunbar Town House on Monday and gets under way at 7pm.