A MUSSELBURGH dad is fuming after a lit firework was thrown at his family’s car when they were travelling home from the town’s fireworks display on Tuesday evening.

Fraser Dalgleish, 30, of Moir Avenue, was in his red Honda Civic with his fiancée and two young children when a passenger in the car in front of him threw a lit firework out of the window towards his vehicle.

Fraser’s fiancée Corrie Hogg, 24, and the couple’s two daughters – Lily, five, and Harley, two – were terrified when the firework exploded into bright sparks and engulfed their car in smoke.

Fraser said the driver of the other vehicle then sped off and turned right down a side street heading towards Pinkie.

He was not able to get the car’s registration number because he couldn’t see clearly through the smoke as they sped away. However, he is confident it was a silver Ford Escort.

The family were travelling on Linkfield Road alongside Musselburgh Racecourse at about 9.15pm at the time of the incident.

Fraser is the managing director of Musselburgh-based company Cheap and Cheerful Tech Repair.

He told the Courier: “We had just attended the fireworks display with our two daughters at Fisherrow Links and were driving alongside the racecourse when somebody in the passenger side of a silver car in front of us held up a lit firework outside the window.

“They waited for it to burn down, then threw it behind their car.

“It was a fizzy, sparkly type and crackled really loudly.

“It flew around for a second before exploding into bright dazzling sparkles.

“I had to perform an emergency stop and my daughters and my partner got one hell of a fright.

“The other car sped off and quickly turned right down the side street towards Pinkie. We couldn’t catch the reg in time because the smoke engulfed the car as we went through it.

“We’re sure it was an older large Ford Escort and a silver colour.

“I was fuming. I’m game for a laugh but it was really crossing a dangerous line. They got a good long beep of the horn.

“I didn’t think the police would have been able to do anything as we didn’t get the registration number.

“We would like to publicly shame these guys so hopefully this type of behaviour can be prevented in the future and an example can be made of them.”