Nine pupils from North Berwick High School and their friend are running a 5km trail race on Saturday to raise money in memory of their friend Reon McSherry, who died from leukaemia last year.

Finn Ferguson and nine of his friends, all aged 14 and 15, are embarking on the challenge at Foxlake Adventures, by Dunbar, to raise money for Children with Cancer and Leukaemia Advice and Support for Parents (CCLASP).

CCLASP helps families, children and teenagers who have cancer, providing practical support and organising transport, holidays, events and emotional support.

Finn said: “We’ve been going on little runs and stuff as preparation – I’m excited for it and kind of confident.

“I’m not too nervous but some of the guys are long-distance runners; hopefully I won’t be last.

“We are doing it for Reon and in memory of him, which is quite nice and heart-warming, as it is coming up to a year since he died.”

Finn’s dad Graham said: “The boys have all been wanting to do something for a while in memory of him as it is coming up to one year since his death.

“They are all 15-year-old boys, or coming up to 15, so they all are bundles of energy.”

The group have so far raised over £3,000, with Finn saying he “didn’t expect to make that much”, with half of the group’s £1,000 target being met on the first day.

Donate at raising/nb5krun