CONTROVERSIAL plans for a snack bar on the edge of John Muir Country Park will be discussed by councillors.

Angela Cairney’s proposals for a mobile snack bar on the grass area off Belhaven’s Shore Road – opposite the junction with Back Road – were received by East Lothian Council in July.

While they were being considered by the local authority’s authority planning department, Councillor Sue Kempson decided to ‘call in’ the plans, which means they will be discussed at a future planning committee meeting.

Ward member Dr Kempson was aware there were a number of concerns expressed by both local residents and the town’s community council regarding the plans and felt it was important the proposals were debated at a council meeting.

According to documents included within the planning application, planning permission for the mobile snack bar would be given for one year, if approved.

It is not known what sort of food or drink would be served from the snack bar, although a photograph, which has since been removed, of a snack bar selling bacon and sausage rolls, burgers and snacks was previously shown on the council’s planning website.

The proposals attracted a mixed response from members of the public on social media.

Stephanie Hamilton said: “The proposed site of this van is directly opposite a quiet residential area.

“The noise, smell, impact of increased activity and the visual impact of a van right at the bottom of the hill which is an entrance point to Belhaven are a few reasons why the location of this should really be considered carefully.”

However, Donna Muir said: “Brilliant idea. Can’t believe we’ve not already utilised our beautiful beach like North Berwick has.”

Dunbar’s community council has objected to the proposals and Jacquie Bell, secretary of the group, stressed that there were a number of concerns surrounding the proposals, including that it would become a permanent fixture in the area.

She added: “That sort of permanent thing does not seem conducive to the rural aspect where you have got picnic tables and things – it would be a bit of an eyesore.

“Also [the group is concerned] that it would effect the amenity of people who already live in the area because it would be down near the bottom of people’s gardens. Therefore, they would lose amenity because of the smell and because of the noise if you are cooking burgers.”

Other concerns included the potential traffic generated at the site and an increase in litter.