WHEN you’re in the pub trade, you never know who’ll float by.

Just ask the management of The Waterside Bistro, Haddington.

Their outside tables with great views of the River Tyne are a hit with customers.

But they were recently upstaged by revellers enjoying some rest and relaxation on the river on a a giant paddleboard.

So they decided to go with the flow. . . and join them!

Volunteers of the charity Beyond Boundaries East Lothian (BBEL), which provides outdoor activities for adults with disabilities and mental health issues, launched the ‘mega stand-up paddleboard’ last month.

Aware that the board could hold up to eight people, they decided to put a table, chairs and a parasol on it and sailed it down the river past the Bistro.

Steve Nelson, manager and activities co-ordinator at BBEL, said: “It immediately drew a great deal of interest from customers and locals passing by.

“The management at the Waterside Bistro were very intrigued and supportive of what we were doing and even served us a few pints for our hardworking volunteers and will be making a cash donation towards us running future activities.

“We also had some customers and one of the Bistro managers join us on board for a short paddle on the river.”

Jack Findlay, who owns the Waterside Bistro alongside brother James, said: “I think Steve does great work and we are pleased he came down to see us.

“We are keen to do something like this again and have a partnership with him and his charity; hopefully we work together in the future.”

Steve added: “We’re hoping that next year we encourage more people to use the river.

“The pub thinks it’s great and we’re really happy to see the river being used more.

“Needless to say, it was a great success and will definitely feature in our activities programme for 2020.”

BBEL has had a busy summer, hosting stand-up paddle boarding and yoga sessions on paddle boards.

For more information, email Steve at bbel1@btint ernet.com