A NORTH Berwick author examines Scottish home life in her new book, The Coorie Home.

Beth Pearson, who lives on Nungate Road, attended North Berwick High School before graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 2017.

The 24-year-old has previously worked in pre-production for the drama series Outlander and at the Scottish Gallery; she currently works as an author.

Beth said: “While studying in Canada, I was horrified and fascinated by Scotland’s colonial legacy and by how much abstracted Scottishness is present abroad.”

This experience, along with her passion for Scottish history and culture and volunteer work in Edinburgh, inspired her to investigate the vast array of living spaces in Scotland.

She also looked into communities and what the future of Scottish living might look like.

Beth added: “At art school I had great resources and freedom to research so I delved into studying the history of Scottish living. I have always been really interested in the different types of homes in Scotland, from crannogs to brochs, blackhouses to tenements, which I think comes across in the book.”

A book titled The Art of Coorie was published last year by Gabriella Bennett, which saw the Scottish concept of ‘coorie’, meaning to cuddle and be cosy, emerge as a standout lifestyle trend.

As a result of all her investigations and inspired by Bennett’s book, Beth wrote The Coorie Home, which takes Bennett’s philosophy of coorie into a domestic setting.

She covers all areas of the home and the influence of the Scottish outdoors on interior design, using case studies alongside practical advice.

Beth then delves into the style of coorie in the home, with craft-making instructions, recipes and advice on developing outdoor spaces. Using her own experience of living in Canada, she shows how people can take a bit of coorie wherever they go.

Her publishers, Black and White Publishing, said: “The Coorie Home reflects the diversity of Scottish living spaces and offers a panoramic yet intimate view of authentic Scottish home life.”

Beth is going to the University of Edinburgh this month to retrain as a nurse.

She is not going to stop writing, though, and is interested in starting up an art and design blog.

The Coorie Home is available in bookshops and from Amazon, as well as at North Berwick’s Westgate Gallery.