A PIECE of history is being uncovered on Tranent High Street as the Buttercup Dairy shop front becomes restored to its former glory.

The Buttercup Dairy company was founded by Edinburgh mogul Andrew Ewing, with the first branch opening in 1904 in Kirkcaldy, and it soon became common all over Scotland’s central belt.

The company was famous for its distinctive and extravagant shop fronts and it lasted for 60 years before its final shop closed down in 1965.

Tranent’s branch of this iconic dairy was at 68-70 High Street, and the intact shop front was discovered by local beauticians Simply Smooth.

A grant was given by Regenerate Tranent to repair and restore it to its former glory.

Gareth Jones, the architect managing the project, presented a social media video on the progress made by the team.

He said that there was some damage from boarding up the shop front for so many years, indicating the drill holes in the tiles; however, most of the tile work has survived and the plan is to restore, rather than replace, as much as possible.

It is not just the aesthetics that the team will be dealing with – work on the roof and chimney will ensure the building is weather proof.

Lucy Schofield, Tranent regeneration scheme officer, said: “We’re really excited and happy with the repair works. It’s getting an appropriate overhaul and we can’t wait to see the building looking in a better state.

“For us, it’s important to encourage people to take care of old buildings, not just so they look nice but so they are wind and watertight too. It’s great to see buildings that are going to last into the future.”