A WOMAN who posted malicious lies on social media alleging that her former partner was a paedophile has been ordered to pay a fine.

Kerry-Ann McLean, 41, wrote messages claiming that her ex-boyfriend had been caught by the police in possession of child abuse images.

The Facebook comments were proved to be totally false and came after the pair had spilt up for a short time.

The police were subsequently called in to deal with the matter.

Edinburgh Sheriff Court was told that McLean, of Lochend Gardens, Edinburgh, and the man had been in a four-year relationship which ended in July last year.

The following month, McLean posted the message claiming her ex-partner had been caught with more than 1,300 indecent images of children aged between four and six.

She warned parents in the Tranent area to “be vigilant and protect our kids” during the online rant.

But the matter was reported to the police after the man became aware of the malicious messages.

The court was told that there had been no repercussions for the man from the local community over the revelations.

Jenny McCallion, defending solicitor, said that the couple were now back together following the break-up and the matter was now “water under the bridge for him”.

The court hearing also heard that McLean and her partner were now planning on getting married in the near future.

Sheriff John Cook told McLean that she had carried out “a vile and malicious crime” and decided to fine her £300.

McLean admitted to posting a series of messages on Facebook claiming that her former partner was a paedophile and he had been caught in possession of more than 1,300 indecent images of children at an address at Laidlaw Gardens, Tranent, on August 24 last year.