COUNTERFEIT £50 bank notes were handed over at a business in Musselburgh yesterday (Wednesday), police have said.

Enquiries are ongoing to establish the provenance of the notes and police are urging businesses and members of the public who regularly handle cash to be on their guard against counterfeit money and to consider their personal safety when dealing with any individual attempting to pass counterfeit currency.

A police spokesperson said: "Please thoroughly check all bank notes, particularly if they are of high value, before completing a transaction.

"Please examine the notes carefully for texture, watermark, sharpness of print and size.

"Retailers can take simple steps to avoid being scammed in this fashion by using such items as counterfeit note detector pens or UV scanners, both of which greatly increase the chances of picking up a counterfeit note before change has been passed of goods supplied.

"Anyone who deliberately uses counterfeit currency is committing a crime and we will investigate all instances reported to us."

Contact police on 101 with information.