A MUSSELBURGH scaffolder angry after his car had been vandalised ended up injuring himself by headbutting a door.

James Cantwell, of Ravensheugh Road, began shouting and banging on the door at the address on Gordon Street, Edinburgh, in June.

Cantwell arrived at the home at about 6.30am on June 8 and began uttering threats to the homeowner.

A number of people were asleep inside the property and were woken by Cantwell’s behaviour.

He went on to strike the door with his head.

Cantwell, 30, was also said to have told arriving police officers that he had “stuck the head on the door” and that he had been left “with an egg on my head”.

Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard that Cantwell had previously been friends with the occupier of the home but the pair had fallen out.

Defence solicitor Eddie Wilson said that Cantwell’s vehicle had been tampered with and he believed the culprit was within the flat. He said: “He acted on the suspicion that somebody in the flat was responsible.”

Mr Wilson added that Cantwell had been left with “quite a nasty injury to his head” after he headbutted the front door of the home.

The lawyer said that Cantwell had now moved away to Midlothian and he had spent a night in the cells due to the incident.

Sheriff Kenneth Maciver acknowledged that Cantwell had no history of violent offending and decided to mark the offence by ordering him to pay a £400 fine.

Cantwell pleaded guilty to shouting, swearing, uttering threats, acting in an aggressive manner and striking a door with his head.