ALLEGATIONS have been made of wreath stealing and “verbal and physical attacks” after the Apprentice Boys of Derry held a public procession in Tranent on Saturday.

However, neither the police nor East Lothian Council have received any complaints about any incidents on the day.

The General Committee, the governing body of the Apprentice Boys Association, alleged that missiles were thrown at the Tranent walk participants and that a wreath laid at the war memorial subsequently went missing.

A spokesperson said: “Our association is a historical and cultural organisation, commemorating in particular the siege of Londonderry and the sacrifice of our forefathers.

“We condemn the recent verbal and physical attacks and the theft of a wreath laid at the war memorial [in Tranent] in memory of our honoured dead in all conflicts.

“We hope and trust that the local police will deal appropriately with the sectarian thugs responsible for these actions.”

A police spokesperson said: “There were no arrests at the public procession. Should any further information be passed to officers, it will be fully investigated.”

East Lothian Council said it received no complaints regarding the procession.