AN EPIC race of over 100 miles is being attempted to raise money for a dog rescue charity.

Ross Beveridge, 39, from East Fortune will be taking part in the 24-hour race this weekend in Aviemore to raise money for ‘Until Every Dog Has a Home’, a rescue charity that he volunteers for.

Starting at noon tomorrow (Saturday), the runners start off on a four-mile loop, which they will attempt to do as many times as possible within a 24-hour time period.

Ross explains: “I’m really hoping to break the 100-mile mark.

"Obviously, I’ll be stopping for food and things, but the goal is to not really stop for too long.

"I did a 43-mile race about two weeks ago, so I’ve been recovering from that mostly, but I do feel ready.

“I do a few big runs a year, but I don’t raise money for the charity on all of them.

"I don’t want people to get fundraising fatigue or anything, so this year I decided that this one was the best one to fundraise for, as people think that I’m mad for going for it as it’s such a long way.”

Ross, who owns a dog walking business, will be joined on the trip with his wife Alice, and their two children Aria, 5, and Ayren, 3, who will be staying in a campervan for the weekend.

Ross laughed: “I mean, they’re definitely more excited to stay in a campervan than they are to see me run, but it should be a wonderful weekend.”

To donate to ‘Until Every Dog Has a Home’ visit