ELDERLY residents have been warned about a woman knocking on doors and asking for money to "take a sick child to hospital".

A female has been going to the homes of older residents in the Millhill area of Musselburgh and requesting cash and trying to enter properties. 

Police Scotland said: "The money has been requested for various things such as needing a taxi to take a sick child to hospital or needing into the house to get a tissue to clean a cut.

"This has occured around 9.30pm on the 19th  of August and around 11.30pm on 29th August.

"We ask if this happens, do not answer the door or part with money and report this to police immediately by dialling 101.

"Always check who is at your door before opening it. If you have been subject to such an incident, please also report this to us."

The female is described as in her 30s, with blonde hair set in a ponytail and wearing a beige jacket.

Anyone with information should contact East Lothian Police on 101 and quote incident 1117 of 30/08/2019.