A COMMUNITY radio station is on the lookout for premises and volunteers.

Sescot Radio, previously known as Dunbar On Air, is looking to take to the airwaves and have the community at the heart of its programmes.

Andrew Morris, who is behind the proposals, was keen to get people involved, whether that was on air or behind the scenes.

He told the Courier: “First of all, we are an internet radio station so our catchment area is all around the world.

“But, from a common sense point of view, there is no physical radio covering from East Linton and Dunbar right down the coast to Burnmouth and along to Kelso; we’ve got a triangle.

“I’m keen that these little places that have got two or three cottages are just as involved.

“What we are doing is covering Eyemouth, Dunbar and Kelso but we don’t want to preclude these folk either.

“We want to involve everybody and preclude nobody.”

Already, the fledgling station has been out in the community and got involved with Dunbar Civic Week earlier this summer.

Mr Morris was keen to see the radio station cater to as large an audience as possible.

The 72-year-old was previously involved with both East Coast FM in Haddington and Tranent-based East Lothian FM, which is now Radio Saltire.

He told the Courier that he had interviewed a number of East Lothian councillors on air but the focus was firmly away from politics and instead looked at a number of different topics.

That was something he was keen to consider repeating, with other shows looking at various genres of music, as well as cooking shows.

As well as music, the station would promote local good causes and encourage involvement from schools, charities, clubs and other organisations.

Now, Mr Morris, who lives on Dunbar’s John Muir Crescent, is calling on members of the public to come forward and offer a helping hand to get the station off the ground.

A meeting takes place at Hallhill Sports Centre in Dunbar on Wednesday evening.

Mr Morris said: “We are progressing but a lot slower than I hoped.

“We have got various applications out for grant money and have been awarded some but we need a lot more before we think about buying the gear that we need.

“We are also anxious to find some suitable premises.”

In-house training will be provided at the station, which will be run entirely by volunteers.

The station also intends to offer work experience opportunities for those looking to find their way into a career in the media.

The meeting takes place at 8pm, when members of the public will be updated on the station’s progress.