STICKERS calling for people to check regularly for signs and symptoms of breast cancer could be put up in East Lothian Council offices.

More than 55,000 women in the UK are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, with a further 350 men diagnosed with the condition.

Councillor Craig Hoy is planning to table a motion at the local authority’s meeting on Tuesday, calling for East Lothian Council to back Lorraine Kelly’s Change and Check campaign.

Mr Hoy, who is also the Scottish Conservatives Party’s Holyrood candidate for East Lothian for the 2021 election, is calling on the local authority to place Change and Check stickers in council offices and encourage their use in enjoyleisure sports and swimming facilities across the county.

The Change and Check campaign sees ‘reminder stickers’ placed on mirrors in changing rooms, encouraging women to check their breasts as they are getting changed.

The sticker details the symptoms of breast cancer such as lumps, rashes and dimpling, reminding women to see a doctor or nurse if they become aware of any irregularities.

Mr Hoy said: “Over 55,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK every year.

“In East Lothian almost everyone will know of someone whose life has been affected by breast cancer.

“The earlier it is diagnosed, the higher the chances are of successful treatment.

“By displaying Change and Check stickers in changing rooms we can take a simple but effective step to increase early detection and, in turn, reduce breast cancer deaths in East Lothian.”

Fellow Conservative councillor Jane Henderson has seconded the motion ahead of the meeting in Haddington Town House.