COMMUNITY spirit was at its highest in Tranent as the Beautiful Scotland judges made their way around the town.

The town was sparkling as Liz Hutchison, chair of the Blooming Belters, was among those taking the judges on a tour of the area, showing off not just the beauty, but the community projects that make the town what it is.

Liz said: “We started in the George Johnstone Centre and told the judges all about the history of Tranent and what we were all about, then up to Civic Square where they could see the outside of the Post Office with the hanging baskets and the floral postbox.

“Susan Thomson took them round to show them the windows of the Post Office where it shows the history of shopfronts, then we took them to meet a child who talked about the Children’s Parliament and showed them the mural.

“Then into a Prentice coach, which they kindly donated for the day, where we went on an expedition.

“We took in St Martin’s Church on its 50th anniversary, the allotments, and along to Polson Park and the Garden of Reflection by Dementia Friendly Tranent. There were a few things we had to miss out as we just didn’t have time but it went great.”

The group ended up back at Thomson’s cafe where tea and sandwiches had been laid out.

Liz added: “We all had a rare time.

“Naturally there was no indication from the judges, but we felt that we showed the vibrant community of Tranent and that we all worked together. Everyone who was at the tea at the end, we were from all walks of life, and everybody who had done something was recognised for their work. We were all smiles.”

The award ceremony for Beautiful Scotland will take place in Dumfries on September 12 where the participating towns will find out the results.