SWALLOWS and migrations are the poetic theme of a new mural in North Berwick.

The new artwork is a continuation of the renovation work done on the much-loved Stevenson mural in Cat’s Close just off the town’s High Street.

This mural had been created in 2009-10 by a team of volunteers led by the late June Douglas-Hamilton but had deteriorated over time.

Conservation of the old mural and creation of the new was funded by the ward’s area partnership and overseen by the local community council and helped by art group pARTicipate.

Geraldine Prince, coordinating volunteer, said: “We aimed to preserve as much original work as possible, including the excellent Bass Rock, painted by Len Groom who passed away last year aged nearly 90.

"The large crack in his painting has now been repaired and the elegant billowing clouds painted by his daughter Nicky Fox will also be restored by her. Andrina Wright and Tina Guy, original members of June’s team, are refining other areas.”

The new additional mural by the pARTicipate group, based on the theme of migrations, was inspired by the annual arrival of the swallows and includes a quotation from Robert Louis Stevenson, as well as his poem, ‘Swallows’.

When commenting on the tremendous creative input of pARTicipate, Dr Prince added: “The local police team, nearby residents and neighbouring traders have also helped in many ways enabling this cross-community effort to bring new life to the vennel. The cheerful enthusiasm, patient negotiation of dust sheets and ladders, and affection for the murals shown by countless hundreds of residents and visitors has been so encouraging and their support is so much appreciated by the volunteers.”