WHEN life hands you lemons, wait for the sun to shine and make lemonade.

That’s what enterprising Tranent youngster Lacey Coupland did in order to raise some funds to get her mobile phone fixed.

The 11-year-old made £105.57 from selling lemonade to thirsty passers-by outside Windygoul Co-op last week.

Mum Steph said: “We got her the stall for Christmas. She just likes working for her own money – she’s done it before selling cakes from door to door.

“Last week was the last time that she could really get it out and use it. We went to the Co-op to get everything she needed, and they said that she could set it up outside their shop.

“They even got trolleys and came up and got the stuff as we didn’t have a car to move it down. They were absolutely brilliant!”

Lacey is hoping to get the stall up and running again soon, this time to donate to Tranent Gala.