A DISOBEDIENT dog almost had to be rescued from the Forth by Coastguard teams.

Seven-year-old Bella decided to go for an evening paddle near Fisherrow Links, Musselburgh.

But when her owner could not get the problematic pooch back ashore, the Coastguard were called in to help on Friday evening.

According to North Berwick’s Coastguard team: “Bella had taken it upon herself to round up some local wildlife having come off her lead which led to her taking an extended swim out to sea.

“Having tried several options, her owner did absolutely the right thing in contacting 999 and asking the Coastguard for assistance.

“On scene, Coastguard Rescue Officers kept eyes on Bella as she continued to swim after wildlife, disobeying pleas from officers and her owners to return to shore.

“As Coastguard rescue officers suited in drysuits to enter the water and retrieve Bella, an exhausted pointer finally came ashore, around an hour after she began her swim!

“Exhausted but unhurt, she was reunited with her grateful owner who will be grounding her for some time!”

It marked the fifth time in just over a fortnight that the Coastguard team had been called out.

On July 3, they were called out alongside Kinghorn RNLI after reports of a boat drifting near Portobello beach and six days later there were reports of a person in difficulty in the water.

The first incident is being treated as a false call with good intent, while the second saw “a significant and comprehensive search” but no person was found.

The Coastguard was then called out on July 12 to help with the search for a missing person, who was successfully found by police.

Finally, last Tuesday, July 16, they were again joined by Kinghorn RNLI near Portobello beach after reports of “a number” of people in difficulty in the water.

Again, it was established the call was a false alarm with good intent.