A GROUP of surfers who brave the freezing cold waters of the North Sea have become the stars of a new national advertising campaign for Carling.

The five surfers – aged between 38 and 64 – took on the waves for a national advertising campaign for the beer giant called ‘Made Local’.

Retired roofer Ian McKay, from Whitekirk, was joined by Jason Burnett, Douglas Brown and Dee Ripol, all from Edinburgh, with filming taking place over two days nearly two years ago. Rod Wallace was also present.

A film crew set up base for the advert, which can be viewed online, at Pease Bay, about two miles from the East Lothian county boundary, with impressive surfing conditions helping to create a stunning advert.

Jason, 45, told the Courier: “We were approached by Carling, who found us through social media.

“They were impressed by how we’re making it where we’re from – my surfboard-making business for the local community in particular struck a chord. Our story inspired Carling to feature us in its Made Local advert with the aim of encouraging more people to follow their passions in their local area.

“The Made Local Fund is Carling’s multi-million-pound commitment over the next three years to those things that matter most to local communities, just like us and our surfing.

“Carling have recently supported me in providing funding for the materials needed to hand craft and design some surfboards which will be donated to the Scottish Surfing Federation.

“These bespoke surfboards will be provided free to people who want to try surfing for the first time.”

Ian, 64, has been surfing with friends for more than 20 years, with the sport gaining popularity across Scotland.

And while surfing hot spots include Hawaii, California and Australia’s Gold Coast, East Lothian was proving popular as well.

Jason, who makes surfboards, said the county was an ideal place for them to get into the water.

He said: “Cold water surfing in East Lothian is hardcore!

“In winter the waves are big, the weather is cold and the sea is colder, but we don’t let that put us off – we don’t care how cold it is.

“We’re proud to surf in all weathers and all year round. Nothing stops us.

“Surfing these waters is also a big social thing for us too.

“The friendships we have forged through years of surfing in these freezing cold waters still stand strong today.

“We have surfed all over the world, but no matter where the sport has taken us, coming back to home waters is where our hearts lie.

“The local beaches along the East Lothian coastline are really special and have some of the most stunning scenery in the world.”

The video can be viewed by going to Carling’s YouTube page.