A CAR found itself in troubled water as it ended up being submerged by the tide on West Beach in North Berwick at the weekend.

The incident, which took place on Sunday, required the assistance of the town’s RNLI, who had to tow the car out using their lifeboat tractor.

The incident attracted plenty of attention, with many people stopping to take a look at the car being recovered.

Eyewitness Derek Braid said: “The problem started when the owner of the car was recovering a RIB from the sea.

“The car became stuck on the soft sand on the beach at the West Bay and the incoming tide engulfed the car.”

When the RNLI arrived, crew members attached a rope from the tractor to the car.

After a number of attempts and plenty of pushing by the lifeboat crew and the other people nearby, the car was eventually successfully towed out of the water and taken to safety on the Elcho Green slipway.