COSTA Coffee on Musselburgh High Street has come under fire for its trade waste bins overflowing with rubbish.

Ward councillor Stuart Currie took up the issue after complaints from residents about the litter problem at the rear of the outlet opposite the entrance to Musselburgh Burgh Primary School.

He branded it “unacceptable” but the company has apologised to residents and pledged it has taken steps to address the issue.

Mr Currie said: “I was contacted by constituents about this issue and took it up with council officers.

“I was pleased about the swift action taken by our council staff to ensure that the problem has been dealt with in the short term.

“What is important is that Costa continues to ensure they apply the very best standards in our town.”

He added that there were bags full of Costa cups, adding: “Trade waste bins are supposed to be sealed to stop people throwing things into them. Get another bin if it’s overflowing.”

Mr Currie said that the situation had improved and assurances had been given that it would not happen again.

He said a similar issue was raised about a year ago; and if it happened a third time, formal action should be taken by the council against Costa.

Mr Currie acknowledged that the coffee chain generated jobs locally and added to Musselburgh High Street.

But he stressed: “It is their responsibility to ensure they clear up their trade waste adequately.”

The anti-litter campaign group Don’t Mess With Mussy is also calling on the company to clean up its act.

Organiser Melanie Roccio said there were wooden drink stirrers, Costa-branded sugar packets and paper cups on the ground near the bins when they were not overflowing.

She said: “As a huge brand name, Costa need to do so much more and they have the resources to do it.

“The issue has been reported to them multiple times over three years.”

A spokesperson for East Lothian Council said: “We have visited the location and stressed the need for arrangements to be made to clear the area. We understand a private waste contract is in place.

“We will continue to monitor the situation.”

A Costa Coffee spokesperson said: “As the nation’s favourite coffee shop, we are continually working hard to ensure that we serve the needs of our local communities. We apologise to the local residents of Musselburgh and have taken the necessary steps to address this issue working alongside East Lothian Council.”