CONCERNS have been raised by Dunbar Leisure Pool customers at the struggle to secure a car park space, especially at weekends.

The swimming pool regularly attracts visitors from Dunbar and beyond.

Swimming lessons take place each Saturday morning and one mum got in touch with the Courier concerned about the lack of available parking for enjoyleisure customers.

There are more than 50 spaces outside the pool, which is also home to a gym. However, the car park is not only open to leisure pool users but the general public too.

Bill Axon, chief executive of enjoyleisure, said: “The car park at Dunbar Leisure Pool is currently a general public car park, which is used by very many visitors to the town. I genuinely appreciate the frustration enjoy customers can feel when they are unable to park adjacent to the pool; nonetheless, we are limited in terms of parking restrictions, but we will continue to monitor the situation.”