A FORMER mining village is becoming one of the most attractive places to live in East Lothian, says the county’s planning convenor.

Wallyford is undergoing a transformation, with nearly 1,500 houses being built across  120 acres of land.

And at a meeting of East Lothian’s planning committee, the latest application to be given approval led to praise.

The latest proposal was for land, originally set aside for 150 affordable homes, to be used instead for 60 affordable homes and 30 private four-bedroom detached houses.

The move came after affordable housing on other parts of the vast site, around Salters Road, was completed, with 44 new homes made available.

Councillor Norman Hampshire, the county’s planning convenor, said: “This will really make Wallyford one of the most attractive places in East Lothian to live.

“It has a spanking new primary school and will have a new secondary school and the difference it will make for the people in Wallyford will be huge.”

East Lothian Developments Ltd brought forward plans for housing and mixed use sites on land to the east, south and south-west of Wallyford, with work under way at the site since 2017.

The planning committee unanimously approved the application to change planning conditions at the site to allow ‘area 7’ on the land to have 60 affordable homes and 30 private houses.