A COUPLE living on Dunbar High Street have been given court orders banning them from shouting and swearing within their home and on the street.

Interim anti-social behaviour orders (ASBOs) were issued at Edinburgh Sheriff Court against Hayley Walker and Lee Aitken.

The couple are banned from shouting, swearing or using abusive, aggressive or intimidating language or behaviour within their property and High Street which causes or is likely to cause alarm and distress to other residents or visitors.

The terms of the interim ASBO also ban Ms Walker, 20, and Mr Aitken, 18, from engaging in acts of physical violence within the property and Dunbar High Street, and of encouraging visitors to do the same.

In addition, they are both banned from generating any kind of excessive noise such as repeated banging or slamming doors which can disturb neighbours.

A further term of the interim ASBO bans more than two visitors at their property at any one time, except those attending in the course of their employment.

A spokeswoman for East Lothian Council said: “Residents of East Lothian can be assured that the council will use anti-social behaviour legislation where appropriate to tackle concerns raised about disruptive behaviour.

“This couple’s behaviour has caused considerable alarm and distress to neighbours and visitors to High Street, Dunbar, and affected their ability to enjoy a quiet and peaceful home life.

“Anyone in East Lothian who is similarly affected by anti-social behaviour can report it via the council’s anti-social behaviour helpline on 01875 824307.”