A WORLD-FAMOUS stunt cyclist has used Dunbar as the backdrop to announce his partnership with an international clothing line.

A three-and-a-half-minute video featuring Danny MacAskill having fun at the town’s harbour was posted on social media.

The street trials rider found fame 10 years ago after a video of him strutting his stuff appeared on YouTube.

Now he has used the internet again to highlight his partnership with Adidas Outdoor.

Steven Anderson, director of Dunbar Harbour Trust, which manages the harbour, was delighted to welcome back the internationally renowned cyclist, who previously visited the harbour about nine years ago.

He said: “He came down a couple of weeks ago and was very lucky with the weather.

“We are delighted the video showed off the harbour and features in all its glory.

“He cycled on the propeller, the north harbour wall and the Battery itself.”

The video, which also features Mr MacAskill near Glencoe, starts with the 33-year-old at The Battery and also features him cycling on one wheel along the sculpture to mark Robert Wilson’s invention of a screw propeller.

He also does a variety of stunts on the harbour wall and on the bright yellow bollard.

From there, he cycles precariously along the railing at the iconic Bridge to Nowhere, with the tide in, at Belhaven Bay.

Finally, with the bridge that separates the Cromwell and Victoria Harbours going up, he performs an impressive forward flip.

The visitor to the harbour caught the eye of people in the area and Mr Anderson was pleased to say Skye-born Mr MacAskill was very accommodating with his fans.

He added: “Word gets about and there were a few people hanging about outside The Battery when he was practising and filming.

“He was a nice guy, a pure gent; in between the breaks he invited kids up and signed things and took photographs.”

But Mr Anderson was also keen to stress that the famous cyclist had years of training and urged people not to try to recreate or copy his moves at the harbour in case of serious injury.

Ward councillor Paul McLennan felt the video showed Dunbar in a good light. He said: “Anything to promote Dunbar in that way is fantastic.

“I’m biased, I’ve stayed in Dunbar all my life, but if you look at the harbour and Belhaven Bay, it is a great selling point for Dunbar. I’m delighted they are doing it.”