A NORTH Berwick woman has been left angry and shocked after she claimed a flight attendant threatened to blacklist her from their airline.

Iza Robecka, of Lochbridge Road, was flying from Edinburgh to Warsaw, Poland on the afternoon of May 25 with budget airline Ryanair.

Her four-year-old son Austin was feeling hungry on the flight so she decided to treat them both to a snack.

She told the Courier: “Austin was getting hungry so I got some small snacks and a coffee for myself. It was £13.50 worth of food.

“We’d already received the food when they asked for payment. I passed them my card and an ‘error code 15’ appeared on the machine. I was told that the payment hadn’t gone through.”

Iza said that her card had been working fine, and that she had purchased items in the airport terminal with it.

She said: “I offered to run to a cash machine as soon as we landed and pay in cash but the flight attendant wasn’t having it.

“She was really aggressive and rude and said that I had to borrow money from someone on the plane to pay for the food or I would be blacklisted and never allowed to fly with them again.

“I was so upset. I told her that I couldn’t go around and beg other passengers for money, especially since it was an error with the card machine, and not my card.

“The whole thing was disgusting and the attendant was acting like a real bully. My son was getting upset at the disturbance. I didn’t know what to do.

“Thankfully, a gentleman sitting in front of me turned around and paid it for me.

“Even then, the flight attendant wouldn’t stop badgering me. I just wanted her to leave me alone but she kept at me, it was real bullying behaviour. I couldn’t believe it.”

Iza, 33, makes the trip to Poland about once a year to visit family and has always flown with Ryanair previously.

But she said: “I won’t be flying with them again.

“As soon as I was off the plane, I mean literally on the steps leaving the plane, I called my bank and asked what the problem was. They told me nothing was the problem; my card was fine.

“I ran to a cash machine and paid the gentleman back who had helped me, I was so grateful.

“We flew home a week later, and my son was still talking about what had happened. He was worried to fly in case someone shouted at us again. It was a disgusting experience.

“I have put in a formal complaint to Ryanair but haven’t heard anything back apart from the confirmation email.”

Ryanair has declined to comment on the incident.