AN ORGANISATION which supports people with learning and physical disabilities has found its allotments badly damaged in a “heartbreaking” act of vandalism.

New Beginnings Club (NBC) East Lothian discovered that the greenhouse at its allotment in Tranent had been targeted by vandals who trashed the contents, which included newly sown crops.

NBC pays an annual subscription for two allotments at Muirpark which its members use to grow their own food as part of its ‘Plot to Pot’ project to promote healthy eating.

Anne Lowe, administrator with NBC, said: “The members work tirelessly to make the allotments the best they can, and they bring a great deal of satisfaction to all those that participate in their upkeep.

“To find the work carried out in the greenhouse so callously and meaninglessly destroyed was heartbreaking to everyone involved in the group.

“[The loss of] all the time and money spent on planting the new seedlings for the next batch of crops was very upsetting for our members to discover last week on arrival at the allotment.”

NBC East Lothian is an organisation led by its members which offers friendship and fun to people living with disabilities across East Lothian.

Its project plan states: “Unlike most other organisations which support people with physical and learning disabilities, NBC is run entirely by disabled people themselves.

“We believe this gives us something unique – we are a group of disabled people who are in charge of our own destiny.”

The group holds weekly social events, arts and crafts sessions and trips, as well as hosting a radio show on Haddington-based radio station East Coast FM.

Anne added: “The many trays of seedlings were emptied on the floor of the greenhouse. There was a large bin upturned and the contents thrown about in the greenhouse. Our Scotland flag was taken.

“The culprit or culprits were kind enough to zip up the greenhouse before leaving the allotment!”

The discovery of the vandalism was posted on Facebook by a member appealing for witnesses of the event.

Although no one said that they had seen anything, there was indication that none of the other allotments at Muirpark were affected, only the NBC greenhouse.

Comments of support were posted on the social media website, with people offering to help clear up the mess.

One said: “What do people get out of doing things like this? If they ever get caught, they should be made to help restore what they destroyed.”

Another posted: “Mindless vandalism – sickening. Do they know how low they have stooped when they did this? Do they care? It’s absolutely disgusting.”

Sarah Allan, chairperson of the organisation, added: “I can’t understand why someone would come and destroy all our hard work.

“We are very grateful for all the messages of support and offers of help.”