PLANS to make the east end of North Berwick High Street “safer” go on display next week.

Various draft proposals have been drawn up by North Berwick Coastal Area Partnership (NBCAP) which would impact upon parking and boost pedestrian safety.

The group – made up of representatives from a variety of community organisations – is hosting a three-day event in the town’s police station next week.

The event will also show the community what the group has achieved and what is planned for the future.

Hilary Smith, NBCAP chairwoman, encouraged people to go along to the event, which starts on Wednesday.

She said: “The charrette implementation group has been formed for a wee while now and tasked with coming up with how to implement some of the recommendations made in the charrette.

“One of the main ones was about the east end of High Street.

“There was a perception of it being unsafe and that the accessibility for people with mobility needs made a priority.”

Discussions have already taken place with businesses in the town centre to find out their view on potential changes.

That could see pavements widened, while time restrictions could be placed on car parks in the town centre in a bid to see a greater turnover of vehicles.

Mrs Smith was keen to stress that the measures being discussed were still in the proposals stage and they wanted to get as many people on board as possible before anything moved forward.

She said: “This is an opportunity to raise awareness of North Berwick Coastal Area Partnership and listen to the views of local people on the issues which are important to them.

“Our last pop-up ‘shop’ was very successful, as we were able to gather a lot of people’s opinions across a wide range of subjects.

“We’re hoping this one will be even busier!”

The trial project is one of the first elements of the longer-term charrette implementation project for the town.

Members of the working group will be happy to discuss any aspect.

Representatives from the town’s health and wellbeing association will also be on hand to hear views on the reprovisioning of health and social care in relation to the Edington Hospital, The Abbey care home and the health centre.

Mrs Smith added: “We are delighted and really grateful that the police service agreed to let us use their building.

“It’s so central, easy to access and a great opportunity to get a peek behind usually locked doors!”

The event runs from 1pm to 5pm on Wednesday, 2pm to 7pm next Thursday (May 30) and 1pm to 5pm the following day.

For more information about the event, email nbc-ap@east