AN EAST Lothian village described as “the worst place to live in Scotland” has become the latest target of a scathing new review website.

Cockenzie and Port Seton has been slammed by a grumpy visitor who claims the residents “let their dogs **** everywhere then continuously moan about it on Facebook” and “everybody who lives here leaves filth wherever they go”.

The anonymous poster also claims the population of the village “enjoy throwing trash on the ground, usually McDonald's or chocolate wrappers” and “are [all] on benefits and boast about expensive holidays”.

The rant continues: “The children are brought up to have no respect for anyone and anything. They don’t talk, they scream and shout and are very aggressive, unfriendly people.

“Every year the town hosts a pathetic children’s gala which is very sexist, as it has a queen but no king.

“Males are relegated to being escorts to the queen, usually a rough girl from a rough family who thinks she is the next Kardashian.

“In reality she will get knocked up with four kids, claim benefits and go to Disneyland on holidays.”

The disgruntled visitor also claims: “Cockenzie and Port Seton is the speed bump capital of the world – the roads are basically speed bumps because the residents are reckless drivers.

“They couldn’t care less who they hit or kill in cars, so East Lothian Council keeps adding speed bumps to try and deter speeding. It doesn’t work – flowers line many roads where people die in hit and runs.

“This should be rated the worst place to live in Scotland. Avoid at all cost!”

It is not the only target for angry visitors on as some of Scotland’s finest towns and cities also come in for some heavy criticism.

One person described Wishaw, Lanarkshire, as a “psycho’s paradise with **** all to do”, while another claimed nearby Forth was “a grey moribund carbuncle on the ****-end of Scotland”.

Prestonpans residents are said to be “the most miserable lot in East Lothian” and Arbroath is described as “a mixture of racists and junkies”.

Edinburgh also fails to escape the wrath, with one visitor claiming “the city centre is OK-ish [but] the surrounding areas are awful” and Aberdeen is slammed as being “the most dismal town in Scotland”.

Broxburn in West Lothian is “now an almost desolate shanty town” while Ballingry in Fife is “a former mining village that seems immune to any form of improvement”, according to users of the website.

Bryan Hickman, chairman of the Cockenzie and Port Seton Community Council said: "As someone who moved here a number of years ago I have found the residents to be friendly, kind and respectful. This extends to our youngsters who contribute greatly to the community in many ways. To trivialise road deaths and suggest that residents kill Scots is disgusting and must be hurtful to family and friends of road casualties all over the country."

Fiona O'Donnell, ward councillor and Port Seton resident added: "I absolutely do not recognise this description of the place I call home. When I first lived in Port Seton almost 40 years ago, as a young Mum knowing nobody in the area, I could not have been made to feel more welcome. Many of those friendships have continued which was one of the many reasons I was so happy to move back to Port Seton.

"It simply isn’t possible to walk around Cockenzie and Port Seton without having someone say hello or make conversation. It is one of the many things I love about living here. The community is also embracing social media as a means of communicating and helping each other.

"Of course we face challenges like communities across Scotland, but you won’t find people anywhere who are more willing to do something to make this a better place to live and visit."

Lachlan Bruce, also a ward councillor for the area agreed, saying: "Cockenzie and Port Seton is a great place to live. To my mind the comments made by an anonymous source on the people that live here have no basis in reality, we have a great thriving community down here, a community full of great wonderful people. Easily demonstrated by the people that do so much for their community like the volunteers who help put on brilliant events in our town like the Gala, the Three Harbours Festival and much more. We also have the folk that are working hard to make our town nicer place to live like the In Bloom group, the volunteers who attend the bi-weekly beach cleans and the group that is working to protecting our library by volunteering to make it a more attractive and interesting place to go.

“These people are the reasons why Cockenzie and Port Seton in my books is one of the best places in Scotland.”

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