A POLICE operation in Musselburgh has seen a number of drivers caught not giving enough room for cyclists.

Roads policing officers from Dalkeith and local East Lothian officers were in the town last week as part of Operation Close Pass.

This initiative involves a police cyclist who has cameras fitted to the front and rear of their bike. The police cyclist travels a section of road and if any motorist passes too close or dangerously, the police cyclist radios ahead to other officers and then the vehicle is stopped and dealt with appropriately.

As part of this operation, at the stopping site, there is a mat which gives a graphic illustration of the space that drivers should give when safely passing cyclists.

Throughout the day, seven drivers were stopped and shown how much space they should be leaving cyclists via the mat, while two vehicle excise licence offences were detected, 10 drivers were warned for speed and two cyclists were warned for other offences.