A COCKENZIE man has been fined after admitting threatening his ex-partner over their dogs.

Daniel Dobson had been with the woman for about five years before the couple split late last year.

Dobson, of Hares Close, then arrived at the Musselburgh home of his former partner in a drunken state demanding to see the two animals the couple had owned while together.

The woman claimed she had been left “terrified” by Dobson’s behaviour as he shouted, swore and uttered threats towards her.

The 28-year-old also kicked a waste bin during the incident in which concerned neighbours were forced to call in the police.

Dobson admitted the offence in January and returned to court last Friday, where he was handed a £360 fine to mark the offence by Sheriff Adrian Cottam.

Previously, Anna Robertson, prosecuting, told the court that the couple had been together for “around five years prior to the incident”.

The fiscal added that Dobson arrived at his former partner’s home at about 6pm on November 13 and refused him entry as she saw he was “angry and agitated”.

He threw a waste bin to the ground and shouted “you are ****ing dead” to the shocked woman.

Solicitor Angela Craig said that her client was “ashamed at his behaviour” that evening and the couple were now “on good terms” despite the unruly incident.

She said that Dobson had “drunk to excess” and the whole incident was “a dispute over their dogs”.

Dobson pleaded guilty to behaving in a threatening or abusive manner by shouting, swearing, kicking a waste bin and uttering threats at Burns Wynd, Musselburgh.