A MOTORBIKE has been spotted doing 93 miles per hour (mph) on a stretch of road which has seen a number of crashes, one of them fatal.

At about 3.55pm on Sunday, a motorcycle was recorded at 93mph on the A198 at Dirleton, which has a 60mph speed limit.

The registered keeper of the motorcycle will now receive a notice of intended prosecution and must identify the driver.

Police Scotland’s East Safety Camera Unit began enforcing on A198 to reduce speeds in an area where there have been four collisions, which have resulted in one fatality.

Chief Inspector Neil Mitchell, local area commander for East Lothian said: “Motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable on our roads.

“If they travel over the speed limit, they put themselves and other road users in danger.

"This road has a history of collisions, which were caused by inappropriate speed. We therefore encourage all motorists to adhere to the speed limits to make this route safer for everyone.”

Andy Jones, East Safety Camera Unit manager, said: “We had hoped that the presence of the camera van would encourage drivers to keep to the speed limit on this route.

"During the summer months, this route will be particularly popular with motorcyclists.

“We urge bikers to think of their safety and that of other motorists and travel at an appropriate speed within the limit”.