A STUNNING North Berwick farmhouse appears on TV next week as it vies for the title of Scotland’s Home of the Year.

The property at Williamstone Farm Steadings, on the town’s south-west edge, appears on new channel BBC Scotland’s Home of the Year programme on Wednesday at 8pm.

It is up against two other homes in the east of Scotland – one in Portobello and the other in Fife – as they all aim for a place in the final.

Three judges – architect Michael Angus, interior designer Anna Campbell Jones and lifestyle blogger Kate Spiers – view three separate houses each episode, picking a winner at the end of each one.

There are six episodes in total, featuring luxury homes from all over the country.

Stephanie and Ryan Lothian live at the steadings with their 10-year-old son Lewis, who attends Law Primary School.

Stephanie said: “It was our architect Lynsay Bell Manson who put our house forward.

“You never really expect to hear back from anyone about that sort of thing though, so it was a surprise when the BBC sent producers round to see the place. They said very quickly ‘this will definitely be shortlisted’.”

Stephanie, 47 and Ryan, 52, retired from the police in Edinburgh and moved to North Berwick three years ago.

They renovated the farm house and turned the steading into three five-star properties that can be rented out.

Stephanie said: “Filming took place last August. We did an interview at the start, which was actually great fun, and there’s some lovely drone footage of our cat Findlay playing for the cameras which will be quite sweet, then we had to leave. We weren’t allowed to meet or even speak to the judges. It was all filmed while we were out of the house – but still good fun!”