ROSS High School is looking to stub out smoking by launching a new tobacco-free school policy.

The school is already a non-smoking zone, but this new policy will go further by both recognising the need to provide effective education on tobacco and health, and offering smokers support to quit.

Stop smoking support will be available for both pupils and staff who do smoke and, since its launch, some pupils have already positively engaged with that support.

The policy applies to all people using the school site including staff, pupils, customers, visitors, contractors and hirers of the building.

Ross High has been working with ASH Scotland (Taking Action on Smoking and Health) and NHS Lothian to develop the policy and is working to send a strong message promoting the health of students, staff and visitors.

More than 10 per cent of Scotland’s secondary schools have so far achieved tobacco-free status.

Paul Reynolds, headteacher at Ross High School, said: “Knowing that two-thirds of smokers started before they were 18, we decided that our vision was of a school where it was normal not to smoke.

“We will strive to give our students an effective education that equips them to make positive choices on tobacco and an environment that supports their right to remain free from addiction.

“Ross High School is proud to do our bit in creating a smoke free Scotland.

The Scottish Government hopes to create a tobacco-free generation of Scots by 2034.