A FILM shot in East Lothian last summer is to be shown at the Scottish Parliament.

Connect, written and directed by Marilyn Edmond, premiered at the Glasgow Film Festival earlier this year.

The film, which stars Kevin Guthrie of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Dunkirk, also features a number of East Lothian residents and familiar backdrops.

Now, Marilyn’s film will be shown in the members’ room at the Scottish Parliament on May 23 after it caught the eye of Lothian MSP Miles Briggs.

Marilyn, who will be at the screening, was delighted to see the film reaching a new audience and said: “It is a great way to raise awareness about mental health.”

The film focuses on Brian, who is a young man battling with his mental health.

Outwardly, he keeps calm, goes to work and carries on.

He never feels that it’s possible to share his feelings until care home owner Jeff (Stephen McCole) becomes a source of support.

A flirtation with single mother Sam (Siobhan Reilly) could be a reason for him to choose life.

Moments of optimism clash with dark despair in a strikingly filmed tale which is shot in North Berwick.

Marilyn, who was living in North Berwick at the time of filming, told the Courier about her inspiration for the film.

She said: “When I was working on a previous job there was a guy that was an extra and he ended up committing suicide. It just totally threw me.

“He had posted on Facebook about how his life was brilliant and he was so happy and four months later he committed suicide.

“I was just gobsmacked with it.

“He was only 23 and that really sticks with me. I feel his life had only just really started and I was really saddened by the news.

“Accompanied by all the stories in the media, it is quite a big subject.”

Gullane and Dunbar also feature in the film, which was shot in the county in November 2017, as well several familiar faces, including Kenny Ainslie, who has carried Prestonpans boxer Josh Taylor’s Commonwealth super lightweight title to the ring.

Marilyn said: “We had such great feedback from the audience.

Both screenings in Glasgow were sold out and busy screenings.

“It sold out in three days and they added another screening, which also sold out.

“We had such amazing feedback and people were really moved and touched by Connect. Even days later, people were messaging me saying they could not stop thinking about it. Some of the people were from East Lothian and really excited that East Lothian looks really nice in it.

“To be able to take an audience on a journey, on a wee emotional rollercoaster, is a really nice feeling and to know they enjoyed the journey.”