STUART Crawford came to Haddington on leaving the Army in 1999 and has lived in and around the town ever since.

His three children all went to school here.

He said: “I joined the Scottish Liberal Democrat Party because it is broad-minded, tolerant and inclusive, and above all else believes in decentralisation of political power: local issues demand solutions decided at the local level.

"I have worked for myself since my Army days and continue to do so, as a political and media consultant and freelance journalist.

"Previous involvement in local issues includes the setting up of the Sidegate Residents’ Association in the early noughties to campaigning (successfully) against an unsympathetic development on Briery Bank. I have also been recently appointed a trustee of St Mary’s Pleasance Garden.

"East Lothian has been good to me and my family, and now I have the time and energy to give something back.

"I believe I have a good grasp of what folk tell me needs doing and, if elected, representing and serving those in the ward to the best of my ability, and not indulging in petty party politicking, will be my main and only focus.”