LORRAINE Glass has lived in Haddington most of her life.

She said: “If I win, the SNP become the main opposition on East Lothian Council and will act as a real opposition to the current Labour administration instead of the feeble Tories, who don’t question, compromise or challenge.

"While the rest of us applauded the many forward-thinking pupils who attended the climate change demonstration and our First Minister is the first government leader in the world to declare a climate emergency, with Labour planning to follow her lead at Westminster, Labour in East Lothian chose to fine pupils who attended the demonstration and in receipt of education maintenance allowance.

"With this, the removal of music tuition, above-inflation rent and council tax hikes, closure of crèche facilities and lack of social care investment while having many millions in reserve, Labour has demonstrated a penny-pinching approach that impacts most on the weakest in the ward.

"Having worked for many years with some of Scotland’s most vulnerable, I believe the answer lies in a community dedicated to promoting excellence in housing, job opportunities, local procurement and empowerment of residents.”