A SPACE rocket firm is hoping to move onto a former power station site in East Lothian to test its engines.

Skyrora has revealed it has identified part of the old Cockenzie Power Station site as a location for its test site.

The company, which describes itself as a launch vehicle development company with aims to cater for the growing demand to send small satellites into space, is expected to apply for planning permission from East Lothian Council within the next few months.

It held a public consultation on its proposals at the Port Seton Centre today (Tuesday).

The Courier revealed last August that Skyrora were looking at East Lothian sites, with the former power station one of the possibilities it was considering to test its rocket engines.

Skyrora said that the engine testing would not involve the launching of rockets from the site but would require fuel to be stored on-site to fire up the engines.

The UK Space Agency announced that it was investing millions of pounds in a site in Sutherland as the new home of the UK’s first spaceport for launching rockets.

Skyrora said it was looking for an engine test site within an hour of its Edinburgh offices to give it a local base.

It said it had identified part of the former power station site, which was bought by East Lothian Council last year, for its tests.

The area being put forward for the site is part of the old coal store.

Skyrora said: “The site will be protected, and special measures will be undertaken to control down the noise impacts to acceptable levels and minimal-period test events.”

Last year it was revealed that Glasgow produced more space satellites than any other city outside of the USA.

A spokesperson for East Lothian Council said: “We have been in discussions with Skyrora about the possibility of a temporary lease of land for activities based around engine testing.

“A planning application would need to be submitted by Skyrora and considered in due course.”